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Visiting for the day?


Welcome to National Parks Antigua, we really hope you enjoy your stay in our beautiful parks. If you are just visiting for the day we have all the information you need right here so you can make an informed choice of what parts of the park you would like to see in the little time you may have. We have designed the site to help you identify what you would enjoy most out of the parks and which features you would find most interesting, entertaining and relaxing.

There are four National Parks in Antigua.  Nelson’s Dockyard is the largest and most often visited. The island’s most famous view is from Shirley Heights in this park.  The other parks are much smaller but are equally stunning in their own way: the enigmatic Greencastle Hill, always popular Devil’s Bridge and the impressive Fort Barrington. Check out our Parks section for more details.

If you have a taste for history, Nelson’s Dockyard is a must. It is the only continually working Georgian Dockyard in the world and was of great importance in the 18th and 19th centuries. Many other historic building dot the landscape around the harbour offering a wide variety of amenities including shops, bars and restaurants and you can visit the Dockyard Museum to learn more of the life and times.

Antigua is a beautiful island.  Picturesque views are around every corner and our beach laden coastline is a pleasure for everyone.  Plants and animals abound within the Parks, making them great destinations for people who are interested in more than just lying on a beach all day.


The National Parks have many hiking trails set out around the area and you can choose your difficulty level.   All of the trails take you through Antigua’s arid forests past breathtaking views and along historic ruins and buildings.  A few sport facilities are also located around Nelsons Dockyard, from racquet sports to sailing.

Relaxation is synonymous with the Caribbean and Antigua is no exception.  From restaurants and shops to beaches and bars there are numerous ways for you to relax and entertain yourself.

Staying with us for longer? Want the ‘heads up’ on the best places to stay? We’ve got the details of the best places to book and how to book them. Check our accommodation page for more details.

Many tours through Nelsons Dockyard are conducted daily.  We also host some big and exciting international events in the Parks that are not to be missed.  For more information see our tours or events page.