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Super Yacht delivers – great sailing, memorable parties

Sails filled with an exuberant ocean breeze outside the Nelson’s Dockyard taking the yachts participating in the 8th Superyacht Challenge through four days of thrilling races.

Deemed the jump off for the super yacht season in the Caribbean, the Super Yacht Challenge lived up to its major billing this year, attracting previous winners for a highly competitive event.

The Nelson’s Dockyard Marina played hosts to the magnificent vessels, which were comfortably hosted on our super dock.

Just a few feet from the dock, Beach 366 hosted fantastic parties and the first annual paddle boat contest, which was held as a charity event to raise funds for a marine park.

According to Paul Deeth, the founder of the regatta, the Super Yacht Challenge stays true to the principles of fair racing and authentic Antiguan hospitality.

“That’s why we keep on coming back” says Navigator of Spiip, Campbell Field.

For more information on the Super Yacht Challenge, go to http://sycav1.blogspot.com/

Photos by Ted Martin