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The EAG (Environmental Awareness Group)

The EAG has now been around well over 20 years and is a fully recognized organization which seeks to conserve and protect the environment in which the beauty and history of the island can continue to be enjoyed. With their motto being, ‘Education, conservation, participation, working to conserve our environment’ this explains exactly what they are all about.

There is much to protect on the island of Antigua even outside the Parks such as the island’s rainforests. Their work inside the National Parks, in conjunction with the Environment Unit of the National Parks, is much appreciated by everyone. However, as it is still a relatively young organization and needs all the help that can be given to continue its positive works to help our environment.

Check their website at www.eagantigua.org for more information.

HAS (Historical and Archaeological Society)

The HAS is responsible for the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda in St. Johns as well as managing several areas, such as Betty’s Hope Plantation as outdoor museums. Comprised of locals and interested transients, the HAS focuses on preserving the history and culture of Antigua, both past and present.  The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda and the Nelson’s Dockyard Museum have a very close working relationship, sharing data and artifacts.  Furthermore, the HAS is also responsible for the publication of numerous tracts and books on the heritage of Antigua, purchasable in the Dockyard Museum Gift Shop. Occasionally the Society will also undertake an archaeological excavation with the support and assistance of the Heritage Affairs Department.