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objectives2Our Objectives


1) To preserve, protect, manage and develop the natural, physical and ecological resources and the historical and cultural heritage of Antigua and Barbuda

2) To encourage the provision and improvement of facilities for persons visiting Parks for the enjoyment thereof

3) To perform its functions pursuant to this Act as a non-profit making organisation using any surplus finds it acquires for the enhancement of the natural, historical and cultural resources of Antigua and Barbuda in general and, in particular, of Parks

4) In so far as it may appear desirable to the Authority so to do, to carry out or permit to be carried out; a) the repair, restoration and maintenance of any historic buildings in Parks, and b) such works as may be necessary to facilitate the use of the sea adjoining Parks for sailing, boating, diving, bathing or fishing.

5) In so far as the Authority deems desirable to provide or cause to be provided within Parks; a) accomodation, meals and refreshments, b) huts and camping sites, c) roads, parking places, paths, soil and conservation works, building and fences and d) sucj other things as may be prescribed by regulations made under this Act.


6) To the greatest possible extent consistent with the performance of its functions under this Act, to consult and co-operate with departments, divisions and agencies of the Government and with bodies having functions, aims or objects related to those of the Authority

7) To exercise such other functions and powers and to perform such other duties as may be conferred upon by the Authority by this Act or any regulations made under this Act, and

8) For the purpose of carrying out its functions under this Act to do all such acts as may appear to it to berequisite, advantageous or convenient for or in connection with the carrying out of those functions or to be incidental to their proper discharge and to carry on any activities in that behalf either alone or in association with any other person or body.

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