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Nelson’s Dockyard hosts record breaking year for Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge

(Photos courtesy of Ted Martin)

The Nelson’s Dockyard grabbed the international spotlight once again this year as it hosted the finish for the annual Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, the world’s toughest row boat challenge.

Just over twenty vessels made the extremely dangerous 3000 mile crossing, with several overcoming significant odds and smashing records at the same time.

The race was won this year by the Four Oarsmen, who beat the previous record of 35 days, by finishing the grueling journey in just under a month.

They were greeted by a rousing welcome from the scores who gathered at the dockside of our marina to witness the completion of the historic crossing.

They were followed closely by only the second Antiguan team to have ever competed in the race.  The team of Eli Fuller, John Watt, Nice Psihoyos and Scott Potter finished a close second, narrowly missing out on what would have been an amazing victory. Hundreds streamed into the Nelson’s Dockyard and a flotilla of boats began their warm reception at sea. It was truly a memorable occasion.

The National Parks Authority (NPA) is a beneficiary of their achievements as Tam Antigua’s charity is targeted towards developing a marine conservation area in the park.

A number of other teams by their own individual achievement for themselves and their countries also made this year’s race a historic one. No one will forget the first all-female team from China, Kung Fu Cha Cha, or the courage, pure drive and strength of Mark Slats, who crossed the finish line in just about 7 hours over thirty days to finish the race as the fastest solo rower ever.

Now the National Parks Authority and all the hard working staff who worked tirelessly to show the world our incredible qualities as hosts eagerly looking forward to next year’s finish with all the fun and excitement it promises to bring.