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National Parks Symbol

The concept of the Parks Interpretive Centre is based on the three “angular stones” of History, Environment, and Culture —- the past, the place and the people — and is known as Interpretive Triangle. The development of the Parks programme is based around this three-side geometric shape.

The victorious triangular form is also seen in the bold and colourful national Flag of Antigua and Barbuda. It can also be found throughout the country as an architectural feature on many buildings.

In the symbol, history is represented in the graphic depiction of Georgian Military Architecture, and the sun shines on the mountain peaks of the islands, set in the blue sea. History brings the population to an environment which together creates an ambiance; these blend overtime, establishing permanently the unique character of the people and their land.

So in simple triangular form, all elements of the Park are represented.

The Origins
The Environment
The Purpose of Place and People