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mangrove1Mangroves are a prominent plant on the islands of Antigua and Barbuda.  They are renowned for being able to thrive in very salty environments.

There are four main types of species on Antigua and Barbuda ranging from the more widespread Red Mangrove to the rarer Button Mangrove. The Black Mangrove and the White Mangrove are other species that can be easily spotted across the two islands, especially around coastal areas and swamp edges.

Furthermore, mangroves prevent erosion of land by the sea, build up soil, preserve food and are nurseries for many kinds of fish and sea creatures and make a home for wild life. They provide habitat for fish, oyster, shrimp and mussels which are, of course, all commercially important too. As of 1991, there were 36 Mangrove sites in Antigua and 9 in Barbuda. It is also understood that the Mangrove covers up to 3% of land in Antigua and as much as 22% of land in Barbuda.

Thanks to Kevin Johnson for the photography on this page.