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Interpretation Centre

Dow’s Hill has an interpretation centre that offers an well crafted and knowledgeable production on the history, culture and heritage of Antigua and Barbuda. Look back into the six ages of time that have shaped and formed what our island is today in an air conditioned and comfortably seated arena. This fifteen minute long presentation takes you on a trip through the eras of the Amerindian hunters, the British military and the struggle against slavery. As well as the presentation there are many educational placards which explain about both the site’s and island’s histories. It offers a fascinating insight into the Antiguan way of life and if you are looking for an introduction to Antigua, we strongly recommend visiting Dow’s Hill for a relaxed and informative start to your visit on the island. Chill out in the café with the cool southern breezes and shop in the gift shop to remember your visit for years to come.