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Flora & Fauna

flora1Beautiful Surroundings


It is estimated that there are well over 100 different species that have settled in Antigua and it’s surrounding islands. Many of these you can see in the National Parks at the dockyard or along the trails; ideal for birdwatching.


There is much marine life to discover around the islands as Antigua in its reefs and seagrass beds. In fact, Antigua is home to a variety of endangered species, one of those being the Green Turtle. These turtles come to nest at different times throughout the year on the many beaches here in Antigua to lay their eggs. Please, do not take any vehicles onto beaches as they could damage nests!


Rewind 200 years and the island was completely covered in sugarcane and cotton plantations.  In fact, the island was still largely covered in sugarcane as late as 1985.  These two crops have largely disappeared from the island, allowing for a greater biodiversity to emerge.  There are few places to better enjoy this new growth on Antigua than here in the National Park.

Antigua is a beautiful island with a varied natural history. As with many of the islands, animal & plant species are often not indigenous, either having found their way here by being blown on the tradewinds, or brought here by ship.

The National Parks Hiking Trail book in association with the Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) contains photos and descriptions of hundred species of plants, flowers and trees found in the National Parks. The guide can be purchased at the Tour Office at the entrance to the Dockyard