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Antigua is second stop for London’s Globe Theatre

London’s Globe Theatre will be performing Hamlet at the Copper and Lumber Store in English Harbour on September 2.

Executive director in charge of logistics for the production, Karen Walwyn, says organizing the project was challenging but certainly worth the trouble.

“When I met with them in June, I said well, there are several reasons why a massive thing like this cannot happen, but there are so many reasons why it should. So let’s work on it. Let’s make it happen, and let’s go ahead,” she said.

The Globe Theatre embarked on their world tour on April 23 of this year. The company plans to perform Shakespeare’s Hamlet in every country in the world. After leaving Antigua, the Globe Theatre will travel to Nevis and Dominica before making their way to St. Lucia.

The show’s producer, Mitzi Allen, says the production is an exceptional opportunity for the island.

“This is a tremendous once in a lifetime opportunity for Antigua and Barbuda and for people who are interested in art and culture and particularly literature.

“I know some of us studied Shakespeare in school, and it’s one thing to have to labour through this complex language, but to see that performed on stage, it absolutely brings all that you’ve learned to light,” she said. 

The organizers say they’re hoping to attract five to six hundred patrons.