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Announcement: Welcoming Antigua’s Wadadli Atlantic Rowers home


The Antigua and Barbuda Sports Fishing Association would like to invite all sports fishermen and other vessels to join us in proudly welcoming Antigua’s own Team Wadadli Atlantic Rowers home.

The FIRST and only Antigua Team to accomplish this Transatlantic crossing to date. Three of these brave rowers are also very well-known fishermen back home, and have contributed significantly to our sport over the years.

In the hopes of an early February arrival back to their native land (currently est. @ Feb. 6th), we would like to have a welcoming party of fishing boats, and any other vessel’s if they desire, stationed off shore as they break the 6 mile mark from the finish line in Nelson’s Dockyard. From this point we will follow them to the dockyard, up to the finish line where we will sound off our horns in recognition of completing such an epic journey.

PLEASE NOTE all vessels taking part should be no closer than 300 feet from them and please remember do not attempt to give them anything. This can cause them to be disqualified.

Lead boat will be Miss Ashley on channel 06.

All boats are encouraged to purchase TWO large Antiguan Flags that can be flown from either their outriggers or rigged into a rod holder. Flags can be purchased from (Kit Hall @ Anjo Wholesale (7321403), Robert Hall (7363474) at AquaSports in Heritage Quay. Price per flag is EC$50.00. All proceeds from the sale of these flags, goes towards the St. John’s Hospice. Team Wadadli’s charity.

Please spread the word to your family & friends (click the share button). If you can’t get on a boat don’t give up, get your own flag and go to Shirley Heights or Fort Barrington and show your support. Then to the Nelson’s Dockyard as we welcome our team home.

Want to do more for the St. John’s Hospice? Be sure to check out the Team Wadadli Atlantic Rowers website for more info.