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About NPA


The National Parks Authority (NPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the management of Antiguan National Parks.  The NPA decides on the most appropriate direction for the management of specific areas (ecological, historical etc.) and are also responsible for keeping the Parks in good condition.


The National Parks Authority has restored and preserved the aged buildings of the Dockyard from their Georgian 18th Century origins and have refurbished and used them with their original purpose in mind for modern uses. For example, the dockyard bakery is situated in an old kitchen and sailors would lodge in the Copper and Lumber store, today a hotel.  Many thanks are given to the now disbanded “Friends of English Harbour” who began the initial restoration project.


The National Parks is a seperate entity from the government and keeps executive control over land use in National Parks lands. Government officials must get permission from the Parks Authority before any development can proceed within the National Parks ensuring the land use stays true to the nature of the Parks and not to individuals or government.


To celebrate the completion of the restoration of the Dockyard a special issue of two postage stamps was released on the 14th November 1961 to coincide with the ‘reopening’ ceremony; the values were 20 cents and 30 cents, and the design common to both featuring the Annigoni portrait of Her Majesty, an adaptation of the portrait of Her Majesty, an adaptation of the portrait of Lord Nelson by L.F.Abbott and a view of the restored Dockyard.


The English Harbour Restoration Committee in the United Kingdom disbanded in July, 1967, having completed the task set by Lady Churchill twelve years earlier. Not only the Friends of English Harbour but all in Antigua will always be grateful to the Committee for their invaluable assistance without which the restoration of the historic buildings in the Dockyard could not have been finally accomplished. Since restoration of the Dockyard, tourism has steadily increased and is now Antigua’s principle industry. An important part of the tourist industry is the business of yacht chartering; most of it is concentrated in and around the Dockyard. English Harbour is now, therefore, well known to yachtsmen throughout the world and the Harbour is alive again with yachts of all kinds. Much of the credit for this must be given to Messrs. V. E. B. Nicholson and Sons (Antigua) Ltd. Travel Service, Yacht Charter Specialists.